Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hi Everyone! I'm back with a few pictures of my current DIY obsession. I know we're headed into fall... But I cannot get over how I am in LOVE with these distressed denim shorts. I love distressed denim. It's just one of those things that go in and out of fashion trends all the time. I thought I'd share a few pictures. ENJOY!

Using an old pair of jeans I've had since the beginning of time that still fit (luckily!) and studs I bought online, it was a fun late night project. If you want a DIY tutorial, please request. But honestly, I just put the pants on,  drew some lines, and cute some strips in the shorts. And don't forget to throw them in the washer dryer. I find that pants with no stretch give a way nice distressed denim look. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'M BACK! :)

Hi All! I't's been a year to the month since I've last blogged! I sincerely apologize for this as I've lost track of all things! I'm getting adjusted to living in a new city and I've been busy with school. It's been hectic. I've been living in Miami for almost a year now and I'm kind of sort of getting the hang of things! As of now, I'll be updating my blog a lot more often with reviews of products, fashion hauls, make up stuff, foods, and pretty much all the things that make life enjoyable! Please feel free to follow me on Instagram. My username is TRAAANG, as well as follow me on Twitter @MsTrangT and of course, I will be updating my YOUTUBE account as well. Please keep an eye out. Exciting things ahead! 



Influenster is an online website where blogger extroidinaires can take quizzes, earn badges, and write reviews about their favorite things! I was lucky enough to receive a Beauty Blogger's VoxBox for 2012! Below are the great goodies that Influenster sent me. 

NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact $4.99 This is a great inexpensive all- in- one compact for your eyes. The color pay off is great and they come in a variety of colors! I'm excited to use these colors for the winter! 

Goody Simple Stle Spin Pin: $7.99 These are so great! They create the perfect updo and are really easy to use. Great for a messy hair day, or for a sleek stylish hair do.


KISS Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit. $5.99 If you're a newbie at using false lashes, this is the ideal kit for you. It comes with a great natural pair of lashes, lash glue, and a lash clip for easy application. I think for $6, it's quite affordable!

Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream: $6.00. This stuff smells so good! It's awesome for natural curls and to smooth flyaways and baby hairs!

Bath and Body Works Candles! $3.50 for the mini. I LOVE THESE! They come in all different sizes and different scents. This one in particular smells like cinnamon cider! One of my other favorites for the Holidays are Frosted Cupcake and Apple Crumb! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011



I know this blog has been neglected for the past three months. I am a horrible person. But literally, I have been a hermit crab. I've been swamped with so much going on that I lost sight of everything! So much has happened in literally two months. I moved to a new place, I started school again, I started my second job, AND I applied to Florida International University in Florida (and got accepted! YAY!) and I'm slowly starting to adjust before I make my big move again in January! This is going to be a really weird experience because I have never lived outside of San Diego my entire life. I love everything about this city, but I also feel too sheltered by this place. It may be my family or the familiarity of things but I feel like in order for me to grow as a person I need to explore new possibilities and learn how to do things on my own. Mommy and Daddy can't hold my hand forever. I am 23 years old, afterall!!! 

So besides my exciting update, I wanted to share a food adventure with you all! Last night the boyfriend and I decided to try this new restaurant in Fashion Valley called "STACKED." He saw it driving by the mall and it looked interesting. The thing that made it so different was the ordering process. You order your food from an IPAD. It boggles my mind how amazing technology has gotten today. LOL. 

We got there on Friday night at 5:30pm. Thank goodness we missed the rush that came in at 6pm! Their menu consists of the basics. Burgers, salads, pizza's, and sides. It cool because you basically sit there and put together your own meal on an Ipad. I chose a whole wheat bun with a turkey patty, lettuce, avocado, jalapeno, feta cheese, and their STACKED sauce. I also ordered a side of sweet potato fries (my fav!) We just added the order to cart and sent it to the kitchen. Our food came in standard time. It was pretty good and I will most likely go there again. I kept thinking what a hip cool new place for the kids. Haha. They also had a large choice of alcoholic beverages as well as shakes and other desserts. Overall, I really liked it. 

Thanks for Reading <3 TRANG

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miami's Pinecrest Gardens

Today after waking up early for no reason and taking a late afternoon nap, the boyfriend took me to the Pinecrest Gardens, which is down the street from our house in Pinecrest. It was hot and humid outside, I felt like I was in some kind of jungle! There were spiders, lizards, and I came out of this with new mosquito bites! But I was a good sport about it :)


The weather isn't something I mind in Miami. Its really similar to how the weather is in Vietnam, and how I miss it! Ive always said I like the heat better than the cold. That's just me.
This is a snapshot from our view of the sky. I wish I could touch the clouds, they look so fluffy and soft!I couldn't wait to touch base in Miami.

I've been in Miami for exactly a week. RP and I were suppose to come back tomorrow to San Diego, but we decided to extend our stay for another week! I am so excited. I absolutely love it here. I love spending time with RP's dad and his family. I'm in love with his home and his puppies!
 This backyard is my haven. The pool got much use this week!

 Our beautiful home.

 Cuban Cigars smell amazing.

 Calle Ocho, Lil Havana 

 Fritas con queso. Dangerously addicting and good.

 Southbeach. The Clevelander<3

 La Carreta, my first and still my favorite taste of cuban cuisine.

Miami beach...thank you for being so clear and so wonderful.

 Grilled chicken, rice and beans. Simply delicious.

The coffee...its like crack.

The skyline at night is amazing, the people make you fall in love, the old men having arguments at the coffee windows, and the carefree atmosphere that almost seems like no one here works, is enough to make you want to call this place home.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Challenge!

Hello all! I'm back. And I'm blogging from Miami... it's about 3AM here... but 12AM in San Diego. I just had a few glasses of white wine after I arrived, but I felt like I needed to blog before bed. I LOVE Miami. It's my third time here... and I probably want to live here someday! I'll be updating frequently on my trip. BUT I still wanted to continue with this challenge as much as I have been failing... but who says it had to be consistently?! LOL.

This was a look I wore for the 4th of July. That same weekend I also went to the Swap Meet with my boyfriend and his mom. We found this stand that sold old cigar boxes. Since my boyfriend is Cuban, we HAD to get some. He has some at home already and they make great boxes for holding reciepts, michelleneaous items, and my BF's mom uses them to even hold make up. I think it's genius! And they look amazing.

Happy Summer! <3