Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The weather isn't something I mind in Miami. Its really similar to how the weather is in Vietnam, and how I miss it! Ive always said I like the heat better than the cold. That's just me.
This is a snapshot from our view of the sky. I wish I could touch the clouds, they look so fluffy and soft!I couldn't wait to touch base in Miami.

I've been in Miami for exactly a week. RP and I were suppose to come back tomorrow to San Diego, but we decided to extend our stay for another week! I am so excited. I absolutely love it here. I love spending time with RP's dad and his family. I'm in love with his home and his puppies!
 This backyard is my haven. The pool got much use this week!

 Our beautiful home.

 Cuban Cigars smell amazing.

 Calle Ocho, Lil Havana 

 Fritas con queso. Dangerously addicting and good.

 Southbeach. The Clevelander<3

 La Carreta, my first and still my favorite taste of cuban cuisine.

Miami beach...thank you for being so clear and so wonderful.

 Grilled chicken, rice and beans. Simply delicious.

The coffee...its like crack.

The skyline at night is amazing, the people make you fall in love, the old men having arguments at the coffee windows, and the carefree atmosphere that almost seems like no one here works, is enough to make you want to call this place home.


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