Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Challenge!

Hello all! I'm back. And I'm blogging from Miami... it's about 3AM here... but 12AM in San Diego. I just had a few glasses of white wine after I arrived, but I felt like I needed to blog before bed. I LOVE Miami. It's my third time here... and I probably want to live here someday! I'll be updating frequently on my trip. BUT I still wanted to continue with this challenge as much as I have been failing... but who says it had to be consistently?! LOL.

This was a look I wore for the 4th of July. That same weekend I also went to the Swap Meet with my boyfriend and his mom. We found this stand that sold old cigar boxes. Since my boyfriend is Cuban, we HAD to get some. He has some at home already and they make great boxes for holding reciepts, michelleneaous items, and my BF's mom uses them to even hold make up. I think it's genius! And they look amazing.

Happy Summer! <3

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