Saturday, June 25, 2011


AHH...Nothing reminds me that summer is here like the Del Mar Fair... For those that don't live in Southern California, It's basically like our "state fair." It's the United State's 5th Most Largest Fair! Thanks to my boyfriend for that little nerdy fact. (LOL) I love going every year and I look forward to it!!! It usually runs for a month. Mid- June and ends every year on July 4th! Things I look forward to most while at the fair. 
1. The FOOD. Let me break it down to you: Australian battered potatoes with ranch & cheese, grilled corn on the cobb with butter chili powder, turkey legs, deep fried everything, cinnamon rolls, kettle corn, and so so SO much more!
2. The games with their amazing carnies. Need I say more? Lol 
3. The people! 
4. The SALES! 
5. Did I already mention the food? LOL 

...more to come! :)

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  1. I need to hurry on over to the fair ASAP! I look forward to it every year too. I can't wait to go!