Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'M BACK! :)

Hi All! I't's been a year to the month since I've last blogged! I sincerely apologize for this as I've lost track of all things! I'm getting adjusted to living in a new city and I've been busy with school. It's been hectic. I've been living in Miami for almost a year now and I'm kind of sort of getting the hang of things! As of now, I'll be updating my blog a lot more often with reviews of products, fashion hauls, make up stuff, foods, and pretty much all the things that make life enjoyable! Please feel free to follow me on Instagram. My username is TRAAANG, as well as follow me on Twitter @MsTrangT and of course, I will be updating my YOUTUBE account as well. Please keep an eye out. Exciting things ahead! 


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