Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: NYX soft matte lip cream

I'm sure we all took advantage of the NYX anniversary sale... or those that were able to get on the website! I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYX cosmetics. I purchased a bunch of lipsticks that I will do a review later. I only bought TWO of these because I've gotten mixed reviews on them. And after trying them out, I'd have to say... 

I don't like them very much. 

At first swatch, they were beautiful, pigmented, and smooth... after applying them on my lips over lip balm, I was pleasantly surprised they were quite a pretty pigmented shade. After about half an hour or an hour, they smooth effect wore off and it was like the product absorbed into my lips and they became extremely DRYING! My lips are pretty drying as it is and this just made it worse. 

I'm glad I decided to buy only two, because these most likely would NOT be on my most used list. I think they're okay if I put a lipgloss over them, but by themselves, EXTREMELY DRYING. Thankfully these are very inexpensive. :) 

 I pretty much got two of the colors that looked most alike! 

Thanks for reading! 
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 03 Tokyo 


  1. I almost bought these! They were already inside my shopping cart ready for checkout. Then at the last minute I took them out!

  2. thats too bad. The colors are pretty, but i cant handle drying lip products.