Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm sorry I've been a little crazy the last two days and have been blogging with INSANITY! I think because I've been wanting to blog for so long and I haven't that I've gotten this spurt of energy and I'm exploding with excitement to share with you guys. LOL... If you've read this far and realize I'm crazy, I understand if you no longer want to read my blogs... I'll continue to write in case one day you come back to me. LOL. 
ANYWAYS. I was in DIRE NEED of some sort of new storage for my nail polish, everyday makeup that I grab for, ETC. Basically I needed something cute to put all my crap in! I was at Target today and in the desk supplies area, and I saw these shelve things on clearance. There were a bunch of them left and I was contemplating on how many to get. I figure one for now to see if I liked it or not. 

It matches my mirror I just got at WALMART for $32
Originally $17.99 on clearance for $12.58
I just threw my polishes on top and some randoms on the bottom.
I also found these stackable little storage bins.      
I love that they slide out and offer enough room to fit my large and small palettes. I'm still deciding what things to put in here. I like how they're see through and look neat on my desk. SO GLAD I found these. I walked into Target just looking for plastic bins for my polishes. 

THE THINGS YOU FIND...and the $$$ you spend. -_-

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