Monday, August 30, 2010


SO YESTERDAY, I spent some time with some loved ones at El CAMINO. 
(little italy, SAN DIEGO, CA)

The BF and I tried going here the previous nights with his roomies but the wait was 45 mins... and we were beyond starvation so it wasn't an option.
Since my brother was visiting, I figured we would take him! I actually have never been there myself. This restaurant/bar/ karaoke lounge is location in little Italy on India and Kalmia Street. It has this amazing decor on the outside which is all paper mache. They check ID after 9, so if you're under 21, you'd better come before then. They don't take reservations so your whole party has to be there before you can be seated. Parking is kind of tough depending on if its crowded or not.
We were seated right when our whole party came. The waiter brought us a plate of mediocre tortilla chips with a sampler of three dipping sauces and chillies. The first sauce was green. I figure it was a cilantro sauce, not spicy at all. The second and cheese sauce with a little jalapeno kick and the last sauce was a spicy salsa. The cheese was the obvious favorite. My BF ordered a large can of Tecate, ran him $5 and my cousins ordered the house Margarita and some rum cocktail, both ran about $5 each as well. Not bad. You can get a whole pitcher of the house margarita for $25. :) We didn't want to get too wild though.

My cousin ordered this soup. Some kind of tomato based soup with light noodles. It was a vegetarian soup. It was okay, but I wished they had like a tortilla soup or some sort. I give it a C-

They also ordered these shrimp nachos. Only he would order shrimp nachos. Normal people order chicken or carne asada. BUT no.. he orders the vegetarian soup that tastes like sphagettios and the shrimp nachos. They were yummy, but so hard to eat because they didn't really stick on the chips. And honestly, it was so dark in there, i didn't even know I was eating shrimp nachos. If the chips were better, I would have given this a higher rating.  B-

 I ordered the sweet potato flautas. They were so YUM. Four tortillas rolled with sweet potato and deep fried with cream cheese, spicy cilantro sauce, and a side of onion and tomatoes on top. SO BOMB, it was small, but made me so full. B+

My broski was smart and ordered a food ol carne asada burrito. You can't go wrong with this. :) It was delicious. With a side of mexican street corn? YUM! A.

Overall great atmosphere, good music, good inexpensive food and drinks. At at the end, they throw you a handful of Chiclet gum. Good stuff.

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