Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello! I've been lagging on blogging, I just got back from Las Vegas and I had the most amazing time with my boyfriend and friends! :) My favorite part of the entire trip was going to Ghost Bar lounge at the top of the Palms hotel. It was the most amazing scene ever! We had such a blast.
RP & I at Ceaser's.

I can't wait to go back :) 

First of all, 
 I want to say thanks for everyone who has subscribed and is reading my blogs. I am so appreciative of everyone that takes the time out of their day to take notice of my blog! 

Anywhoo, hope everyone is having a great month. I am getting excited that it's getting closer to summertime! My favorite time of the year! I'm looking forward to taking more trips and going to the beach, the fair, BBQ's, and much more! San Diego is a GREAT place to be during the summer... actually, all year round. :)

enough rambling... here's my April Favs! 

 1. Tarte Cosmetic's gel liner. 
I didn't intentionally buy this, it came with a pack that I bough, but I fell in love with how smooth and long lasting this gel liner is! It's a lot smoother and easier to apply then any other gel liner I've used. It's beaten my Clinique, MAC, and Maybelline gel liner. It is a little pricey, but very well worth it, and will last forever. $22, comes with brush.

 2. Clarisonic Mia 
My wonderful boyfriend bought this for me last Christmas, he had it engraved too! This thing saves my life. It helps remove the dirt and makeup that I can't remove myself from using my hands or a towel. It charges, and it's small and compact to fit anywhere. My face has improved so much after using this for the last five months! I can see a great difference. It's also a little pricey... but totally worth it. Trust me, i did a lot of research before I decided I needed it!

 3. Three FAV brushes of the month. 
-EcoTools retractable travel Kabuki (Target $7)
I pretty much own all of the Eco Tools brushes available. They are SUPER affordable, and are SO SOFT. These were my first ever brushes, and I LOVE THEM. I bring this eco tools one because it has a cap and doesn't get dirty. You can't beat $7!

-Elf blush brush (Targer $3!)
Elf has some amazingly soft brushes. I love this blush brush for bronzer and blush!

-Sephora Professional Platinum Foundation Airbrush (Sephora $34)
This is the greatest brush to use for me to apply my liquid foundation. I like this a lot more because it blends amazingly and really gets into the hard to reach areas. It beats using a stippling brush because it blends like no tomorrow and doesn't leave streaks!

 4. Benefit's HOOLA Bronzer
This has been out for a while, but since it's getting closer to the summer time, I've been using a lot of this bronzer! It's matte, non oily, non greasy, and stays on ALL DAY. It's also a great color for my light/medium skin tone.

 5. NARS Deep Throat Blush
My FAVORITE and GO TO blush for the last year and a half! I've forgotten about this blush and been using my Tarte Amazon blush for a while... but I'm back to using this because it's so compact and the color is amazing. I like the deep throat a lot better then orgasm. (Sephora $26)

6. Maybelline Fit ME concealer 
I'm loving Maybelline's new FIT ME line. Everything is so affordable, and it seems like such great stuff. I've been using this concealer for the last month and I couldn't ask for more. It stays on me for as long as my make up stays on and it blends amazingly! I can't hate on it for around $5! :)

Hope everyone continues to have an amazing month! Please share with me your blog! 


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  1. omg your bf is soooo sweet, he engrave it for you~~AW~~~ive wanting a few items from tarte this liner and the amazon clay blusher, but they are kinda pricy, so im still thinking about it~~~but your post def. helps~~~

    btw im holding a giveaway, if you are feeling lucky, come and sign up~