Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's SPRING TIME once again! 
  My favorite time of the year is when it's spring/ summer! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, people are just overall happy! I also love that during the warmer seasons we can wear a lot of cuter things. I love wearing dresses and flip flops and shorts. It's also a time where brighter colors emerge. Here are my top springfavorites for 2011!

Florals are for SURE in for spring. Think light, whimsical patterns and designs. Delicate flowing tops and ruffles. DO NOT go for grandma-esque dark colors.I love florals because they're youthful and fun. Bright and pretty patterns makes me happy.

Whites and Nudes
Whites and nudes are necessary for everyday. I wear white all the time even when it's not spring. But a nice white blouse paired with cute nude pumps is way cuter, in my opinion, than a white sweater during winter. Especially popular during Spring! I love nude shoes with anything and white tops/ dresses for layering!
Spring Denim
What is spring denim? It can be any kind of denim you want! It can be denim tops, trousers, shirts, etc. Denim is in style all year round, but something about wearing denim with other lighter colors in spring makes it so much better. You can even flaunt the patchwork denim if you want! Jeans go well all year round, but a cute rolled pair of jeans with nude pumps and floral blouse would make my day. :)

One of my FAVORITE things to rock during the warmer months. Rompers are classic, comfy, and cute. They're especially cute when paired with a cute belt and flats/ sandals. I like wearing rompers when I'm out running errands, going to the beach, or just hanging around the house. They're relatively inexpensive and they're well worth the purchase!

These images were from FOREVER21

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