Friday, October 15, 2010

DAY 07: A picture of someone that has the biggest impact on you.

HIIIIIIIIII GUYS. Okay, my apologies for not writing more often. I seem to just do this when I'm bored, or when I actually have the brain capacity to write something meanigful that I feel would be worth reading. I'm trying to continue this blog challenge, and by now I've probably failed it, but what the hey... hahaha. I'm going to try and finish this no matter how long it takes me! On to the next one...

Day seven's challenge is to post a picture of someone that the biggest impact on you. I gotta say, my FATHER probably has the biggest impact on me that anyone has ever had! WHY? Because he's my dad. I'm daddy's little girl. Always have been, and always will be. I live to make this man happy because he has never disappointed me,let me down, break a promise, etc. He is the perfect man in my eyes and I hope I can learn to love my husband the same way. I like to believe that my dad is the perfect man, but in reality, he is not. He has his mistakes and he has his flaws. From what my aunt's have told me, before I came into existence, my dad was probably one of the most feared people in the neighborhood, family, etc... in Vietnam that is. I was born in Vietnam, and my dad was known as one of the biggest trouble makers in his day. He was that guy that everyone wanted at the parties, want to drink with, because he didn't care what he said or what he did. He was crazy, and people like to be around that for some reason. To this day, when my dad gets drunk he likes to talk about how he use to be in the Vietnamese Mafia. LOL. I laugh just thinking about how silly he is. He's older now, but he has authority over everyone. What he says GOES.

So WHYYYY does he have the biggest impact on me? I have always had a closer relationship to my father then mother. My mom is really quiet, shy, and she doesn't express feelings or emotions very well. If she's upset, instead of talking things out, she will lash out, or sit and mope. My dad lashes out as well, but he will talk about it and try to work things out. He's not afraid to say "sorry, I was wrong." And that takes more from a man then anything else is to admit he's wrong. And mainly because growing up, he's the only one that's ever told me he loved me. I feel like Miss Mary from the Secret Garden saying how evil my mom was. Not at all, she loved me, she just didn't express it the way my dad did. So of course, I always looked up to him. My dad always took me to the park and spent so much quality time with me. He works hard and he plays harder. He's careful in the people he knows and he always knows someone who can help him out in any situation.

When I was young and I would cry about something he always taught me that tears are not to be shed for anything. They're a sign of weakness. He always said I should never cry for any man except him. He still believes that to this day. My dad will defend me to the very end. He believes me and let's me be myself. He doesn't restrain me to my goals because in the end he just wants to see me happy. I honestly cannot picture life without him.I tag you all to do this same blog. :)

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  1. This was beauuuutiful Trang! I almost wanted to tear because I'm such a daddy's girl too. Dad's are the best! :)