Saturday, September 18, 2010

CHALLENGE: Day 02- A picture of someONE you cannot live without.

Day 02- A picture of something someone you cannot live without.

Okay, So I may get a little emotional on this post. Because I'm in an emotional mood right now... Don't you just HATE THAT? Yuck.
BUT... anyways, A picture of something I can't live without..? I changed it and put it as SOMEONE I can't live without.. Who says I can't change the blog challenge? I make my own rules.
This is my gramps, and harsh reality is, I will HAVE to learn to live without him, and I haven't faced that reality yet because I am not willing to. This man is probably my EVERYTHING. He has never let me down, never made me cry, always made me laugh, and he's always been there for me. Whether he knows it or not, I have always looked up to him. I feel the closest to him because out of all his grandchildren, I probably know him the best. It sucks because the older he has gotten, the less he remembers, and it hurts me to think he barely knows who I am sometimes. I have to constantly remind him who I am every time I see him, but this doesn't take away from the experiences I have had with him throughout the years.
Him and my grandmother have taken care of me since I was born. I am the only child and my parents have always worked full time jobs ever sine I could remember. I grew up following my grandpa around the garden, watering plants and taking walks around the neighborhood. I remember him picking me up from school as a kid. He can't even walk now. He got into an accident a few years ago and he's never been the same since. He used to do a lot of artwork before, and I learned patience just sitting and watching him draw. He always was a strict man, he always loved to have me around, but the most important thing about him was that he always loved me. He never made me cry, he taught me that no matter what I do in life, to make sure that I was HAPPY. He taught me that FAMILY is EVERYTHING.
Even to this day, he teaches me that family is everything. He lives in a nursing home now because we don't have the availibitly to take care of him like he needs to be. At least three of my aunts or uncles come to see him everyday and feed him lunch and dinner. EVERYDAY. He is never lonely, and he gets excited every single time one of us come in. Nowadays, I just sit with him in silence, but I hug him and hold his hand, and I know he knows its me and I know he knows I love him.
I would not be who I am today without him. He has taught he respect. And I know eventually he'll be gone... but for right now, I'm happy he's still here.

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