Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A WORD on PB BAR & GRILL from my Guest BLOGGER :)

I'm so happy to announce my guest blogger! My friend who goes by R.P. has been so kind as to grace us with a piece of fine literature that he has written himself. He spent a whole fifteen minutes on it and might I add, its a fine piece of work. You know it's a unique peace when you can read somebody's review and relate to it in many ways. SO, I put his facebook link around here somewhere, if you would like to meet him or take up your concerns with him, feel free to do so. LOL have a wonderful day! P.S. I will have a video up on my YouTUBE page shortly about PB bar & Grill.

Tuesday Afternoon Reflection
 The famous PB Bar & Grill, I must ask you one question: What the hell happened to you over the years? When I was a much younger lad, going to PB on a Thursday night was a right of passage. Drinks were cheap, the crowd was fun, and of course the music was great.  Amazing how the times have changed. Every time I think of this dump I cringe thinking about the smell of the mildew covered carpeting, brought on by 18 years of inebriated girls spilling their chocolate cake shots, or whatever lame shot was popular back in 96’. I always vow that I will never be back, but somehow this place always calls my name! Most people over the age of 22 have a running joke about the section 8 housing that has become known as PB Bar and Grill. The smelly carpet, the fact everyone here looks like they want to fight, that nobody here knows how to act at a bar, and the fact that I feel like I’m at some sort of United Nations meeting every time I walk in. If you are reading this and you enjoy this place, that’s great.  I just hope you all read the following advice I have for you:

1.       Gentleman: I understand you are a follower, but just because for some god forsaken reason every guy here orders an Adios with a tasty maraschino cherry floating in it, doesn’t mean you should. I have been to a lot of bars in my life, and usually guys who order colorful and fruity cocktails tend to congregate with other men at the Brass Rail in Hillcrest. I’m only looking out for you, because the vast majority of people in the real world will have certain thoughts about a male ordering an Adios. Stick to beer or any other dark colored cocktail. If the drink has more than 2 ingredients in it, then it was meant for 15 year old girls.
2.       Ladies: I understand you just turned 21 and probably don’t get out much. That’s totally ok. I also understand to you PB may be the greatest thing since dollar beer night at Channel One in Serra Mesa, but please, when you are taking your first shot of the night don’t immediately act like you just downed a fifth of Jameson.  It is not physically possible to be wasted 3.2 seconds after taking a gummi bear shot. You are not drunk, and no I don’t like having you scream in my ear and spill whatever sugar laden shot you are drinking all over me.

Now I don’t want everyone to think I’m just being negative, I’m actually doing this to help some of you. The last thing you want to do in life is be at a business dinner and order a Tokyo Tea while your boss is drinking a Chivas on the rocks.

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