Monday, June 7, 2010


The new Iphone is getting ready to drop June 24,2010. I'm pretty excited to see what it's actually going to look like! So, what makes this thing so much greater then the original 3G or 3Gs besides the fact that it's 4G? Just some amped up features, a new sleek design (that looks like the HTC HD2 in my opinion) but many problems will arise since AT&T has many flaws they need to address STAT. Here's what you can expect...

-A new operating system under iOS4
-Powered by A4 battery chip providinig 40% longer talk time then original Iphone.
-5mp camera, front and back.
-720p hi-def video recording (new Imovie software)
-FINALLY, multi-tasking and camera-video chats software..
...and we all know the list goes on and on and on...

-25% slimmer then original Iphone
-Comes in black and white with silver side panels.

sign up with AT&T for TWO years....
32gb 4G for $299. Not including data plan, which could add up to +$740 extra a year.
16gb 4G for $199.
And if you already have AT&T? Good news.. you can upgrade up to 2months early.

HEFTY price tag to pay for a phone, isn't it? What happened to the simpler days where all the kids used pre- paid? Now Iphones and Touchscreens have encompassed our very being. And to think... the Iphone has only been out since 2007.

P.S. for all you facebook FARMVILLE freaks.... yes, there's now going to be an app for that.

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