Saturday, June 5, 2010


Gooood Evening people!!!
So today, after a long hard day of work spent watching youtube videos, I ran across one from Michelle Phan where she was using this strange looking lip balm. I though to myself... this stuff is probably expensive. So I searched for it! LOW AND BEHOLD, I FOUND IT! And where else but... WALGREENS! This little, red, round, ball looking thing could in no way be lip balm. I went there directly after work and immediately bough the "Summer Fruit" flavor. There is also honeysuckle honeydew, but that didn't interest me as much.
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SOOOO.... after opening and applying this delicious smelling lip balm, my lips were so smooth! I didn't want to stop applying, and found myself wanting to eat it at the same time. This stuff is amazing simply because:

1. It's 95% organic
2.100% natural
3. Contains shea butter and vitamin E
4.petrolaturn and paraben free,
5. It only costs about $3!

GET IT.... GET IT NOW!!! :)

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