Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's not the BK LOUNGE, it's BURGER LOUNGE! 
Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a great week. The weather here in San Diego has been picking up and I'm sooo happy! Yestereday, my boyfriend and I went minature golfing in Del Mar. It was so much fun because the decor was the cutest. We played the "Under the Sea" course. He beat me by ONE POINT! I'm sure he cheated somewhere... hm. 

So a few weeks ago, March 16th to be exact. I went to Burger Lounge in La Jolla, San Diego to try these burgers that everyone's been hyping! Burger lounge has a few locations, but he wanted to try this one here. It's a really really small corner shop that only has a counter inside and a few tables outside. The menu consisted of about FOUR items.. lol A veggie burger, a regular burger, a turkey burger, and chicken tenders. Sides of fries or onion rings were offered and whatever beverages. Even though the menu sounded simple, they decor and feel of the place was clean and modern! I'm a sucker for TURKEY BURGERS! So of course I had to order it, with grilled onions! YUM! 

You can see as they're cooking the food.
I love stainless steel for a restaurant and bright colors! 
$8 for a burger? I know, but it IS La Jolla, and it is PRETTY DAMN GOOD.
What's so great about this place? Their beef is all grass fed, fresh, never frozen, hormone free, etc, etc. Basically they make their foods with the best ingredients, hence the pricey burger!
This was my TURKEY BURGER. It was so juicy and delicious. The fries were also amazing, but you have to order them separate. 

Look how juicy my burger is! 
Check them out here: 


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